Actroid DER2 Loves Hello Kitty

A division of the Sanrio Group, Kokoro, specializes in designing and manufacturing robots. Their first freakishly human-like robot, the Actroid DER, provided services welcoming guests at numerous events including the 2005 World Expo. The Actroid DER2, the one pictured below showing her love for Hello Kitty, is an upgraded version with thinner arms and a greater array of expressions and even more lifelike movement. The purpose of these beautiful female robots? Well, to pimp out for money, of course. Kokoro plans to rent out the DER2 to companies and events. Basic rental fee is 400,000 yen (US $3500) for 5 days. 80,000 yen per day late fee.

Actroid DER2 fembot loves Hello Kitty [Via: Pink Tentacle]