Activision to frag Call of Duty Elite on February 28

Shane McGlaun - Feb 26, 2014
Activision to frag Call of Duty Elite on February 28

The Call of Duty Elite service has been around since 2011. Elite was free for Call of Duty Black Ops II when that game launched in 2012. Elite has continued to be available even though that game and Modern warfare 3 that also supported it are older games now.

Despite the fact that MW3 and Black Ops II are older, they still have a lot of people that play them each month. Fans of those games might be upset at losing Elite. The service is being phased out in favor of the Call of Duty app. Call of Duty Elite is a service that tracked stats for players of supported games.

Elite was a very popular service with 12 million subscribers as of August 2012. A premium version of the service that cost $50 per year was also offered. Activision has stated that Elite will not return and is pushing users that like the service to download the Call of Duty app for Call of Duty: Ghosts as a replacement.

That app allows the player to customize their load outs on the go and keep track of stats in the game. The Call of Duty app also offers Clan Wars allowing the gamer to compete for exclusive in-game gear. Call of Duty Elite launched in 2011.


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