Activision denies Call of Duty massive hack affecting 500,000 accounts

It's no longer shocking to hear a massive data breach targeting some large company and affecting hundreds of thousands of users. These reports have become almost too common that it may actually be harder to separate fact from fiction. That seems to be the case with a recently reported hacking of Activision's servers that claimed to have left half a million Call of Duty accounts exposed. The developers, however, have immediately come out to clear the air and report that nothing like that happened at all.

The alarms were sounded yesterday when various Twitter accounts reported "legit" confirmation of a massive CoD breach. It definitely had all the elements of a frightening hack, almost fitting a game that focused around modern warfare and one that would be launching a new installment around the Cold War. But, like the game itself, Activision is basically saying that it is fictional.

There was no breach and no Call of Duty accounts was compromised, according to the company's tweet. It is, however, taking the opportunity to caution users to take necessary caution in safeguarding their accounts. Any changes to accounts would be reported via email so users shouldn't be blindsided if their accounts were hacked.

If the hack did take place as reported, it would have been a rather grave situation as it claimed to have exposed around 500,000 CoD logins. Hackers were supposedly changing account details under users' noses, hence Activision's reminder about email notifications.

Whether you take Activision's word or not will probably be a personal matter and may depend on whether you noticed any suspicious activity on your own account. As always, incidents like this can serve as a reminder for users to secure their accounts with measures like two-factor authentication (2FA) and changing their passwords while they're at it.