Active Media Products unveils new SabetTooth Z4 PATA ZIF SSD

Shane McGlaun - Nov 8, 2010
Active Media Products unveils new SabetTooth Z4 PATA ZIF SSD

Active Media Products has unveiled a new SSD for small devices that use a ZIF PATA interface. The new SSD is a 1.8-inch PATA ZIF SSD that offers up to 128GB of storage. If you are racking your brain trying to figure out where this thing might be used, it will fit nicely into the first generation MacBook Air notebook.

The drive is also offered in 32GB and 64GB capacities. The SSD uses MLC NAND flash inside for storage and has ECC for better reliability. It also features bad bit management and has a wear leveling algorithm to make the drive last longer as well. It promises sequential read speed of up to 80MB/s and sequential write speed of 38MB/s.

The small SSD measures in at 54mm x 32mm and it will fit into a number of machines other than the MacBook Air including several Eee netbooks, the HP mini 1000, and various rigs from Acer, Asus, Dell, Everun, Fujitsu, HP, HTC, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and Viliv. Apparently, there are a bunch of little machines that can benefit from the larger storage capacity and better performance of this SSD. The 32GB version is $99.95, the 64GB sells for $189.95, and the 128GB version is $349.95 and all are available right now.

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