Active Media Products debuts Aviator-2 USB 3.0 external storage devices

USB 3.0 support is popping up on many of the new mainboards, notebooks, and computers unveiled recently. With all the new boards and machines that support USB 3.0 there is also lots of new USB 3.0 hardware coming to take advantage of the speedier connectivity.

Active Media Products has unveiled the Aviator-2 external USB 3.0 chassis for SATA HDDs. The chassis measures 3 x 5 inches and can fit any 2.5-inch SATA drive. The enclosure is also available with a 64GB or 128GB predator X7 SSD inside from Active Media Products. When fitted with the Predator X7 SSDs the system supports read speeds of up to 200MB/sec.

The SSD version uses MLC NAND flash and has ECC for reliability. The system also includes wear-leveling algorithms for longer life. The drive ships with a USB 3.0 cable. The enclosure alone sells for $32.95 with the 64GB SSD version selling for $259 and the 128GB version going for $449.95.