ActionProof Bumper case for Apple Watch debuts

It's the issue that has faced us all at one point or another: you buy a new, sleek device and it costs a pretty penny. You want that purchase to stay as safe and new-looking for as long as possible, which necessitates seldom use or a case. You also want to enjoy its thinness and beautiful design, which means avoiding cases, which cover the design and add bulk. The Apple Watch is a beautiful creation, and while some will no doubt brave the elements and let it shine, others will want a case. Enter ActionProof's Bumper sleeve.

ActionProof's new Bumper case for the Apple Watch has launched on Indiegogo, where the maker is touting its bumper-like sleeve. The case is designed to fit around the edges of the watch itself, not the strap, protecting the edges from the bumps that tend to happen with wearables.

The case protects the 42mm Apple Watch using rubber that'll absorb shocks while giving full access to the display and the health sensors. The speaker and microphone won't be obstructed, and the controls will be accessible while remaining protected.

The maker is looking to raise $10,000 in funding on Indiegogo, where thus far nearly $600 has been raised with 25 days remaining. The early bird unit can be grabbed with a $20 pledge, and will start shipping in May. If you don't get the early bird before it sells out, the next step up is $29 USD. Shipping is global.

SOURCE: Indiegogo