Acer unveils new X3 and M3 desktop computers

Acer is the second largest computer maker in the world and is more known for its notebooks and netbooks that desktop machines. Acer does make desktops for consumers and businesses though and the latest consumer offerings were unveiled yesterday including the Aspire M3 and X3.

The X3 machine is a desktop with mainstream tech inside a SFF chassis and the M3 is a multitasking machine with room for growth. The X3 machine will ship with 4GB of RAM and a variety of CPUs including the Athlon II, Phenom II, Core i3, and Pentium E6600 CPUs. The desktop can also be fitted with up to 1TB of storage space and GeForce 9200 graphics.

The M3 can be ordered with Athlon II or Phenom II CPUs and HD 5450 or GeForce 9200 graphics. Storage is up to 640GB. Both machines are available now starting at $449.99.