Acer Tegra 3 Iconia Tab A510/A511 quietly revealed

You never know where you will find the latest details on new products coming from manufacturers we all know. You might find some leaked documents, you might find mentions of unreleased kit in OS updates, and sometimes the code on websites gives away little details. Some code has turned up that points to the Acer A511 tablet and gives a few details about the device.

The code points to the A511 and shows that the tablet will run Tegra 3. That is the new quad-core NVIDIA chipset we've been hearing so much about for a while now. The details also show 32-bit color and a resolution of 1280 x 800 for the screen. There are also some other rumored details along with this that claim that the A511 will sport 3G connectivity and WiFi.

Another model of the same tablet called the A510 is also said to be landing that has WiFi only. There is no mention of what OS the tablets will be running or when the tablets will land. It would be a good bet that the OS will be Ice Cream Sandwich and the first time we lay eyes on the new tablets may well be CES.

[via NotebookItalia]