Acer shows of new Dolby Certified Gemstone notebook

Acer just announced their new line of Gemstone notebooks, and we've got pictures of their new design.

More pics after the jump

Overall, I'm not that impressed. It does look a little more sleek and curved, but in some ways I think it comes off a bit cheesy. The big news is that it is the first to receive Dolby Surround certification. I'm really not sure how much I would enjoy surround sound on a laptop that's sitting in front of me, but I would have to hear it to be sure.

It is also rumored to come with your choice of either Blu-ray or HD DVD drives so you can have high def video to go with your surround sound. No word on pricing or availability just yet.

New Acer Gemstone Notebooks are First to be Dolby Surround Certified [via gizmodo]