Acer rolling out new revolutionary notebook tomorrow - ooh, I like surprises!

Suspicion is it has to do with a new 16 and 18.5-inch set of notebooks that have 1080p displays, Blu-Ray drives and more. They are also rumored to have Core 2 Duo processors, massive amounts of memory and dedicated graphics as well.

They'll have a starting price of around $1900 supposedly and will likely maintain the gemstone design of their newer high-end notebooks; it makes them look more attractive. The big news is that its supposed to be a worldwide launch which pretty much means that whatever it is, if its not these two rumored models, its going to be big, something industry changing.

Acer has recently been able to clench the number 3 spot when it comes to notebook market shares and these two notebook should help solidify that position if not move them closer to the number 2 spot. Likely they are just an effort to quickly re-up and replace their ill-fated HD-DVD laptop they have out. Sadly I have a friend with one of those HD-DVD equipped Acer laptops, on the upside, I am not even sure she knows that the optical drive in here notebook can play HD-DVD's so not much of a loss I guess.

[via Electronista]