Acer Predator gaming PCs pose fire hazard; recalled

The Acer Predator line of gaming PCs is well known for its blazing fast speed and high octane graphics capability. But did you know they could potentially "blaze" a hole through your desk? Well, maybe not quite, but they definitely pose a fire hazard, so says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

So what's the problem, exactly? It seems the insulation on some of the wiring within the computer gets stripped somehow and then leads to a short circuit. Then, the components inside melt or the exterior casing melts. Both things are most certainly not supposed to happen.

The models affected are the ASG7200 and the ASG7700 that were sold between May and December of 2008. If you purchased your Acer Predator during this time frame, contact Acer for a free repair of the problem. Only 215 units are suspected to be affected, but it's still a hazard gamers should know about.

[via Engadget]