Acer Chrome OS tablet tips Google's next big move

Recently, rumors of tablets running Chrome OS have popped up here and there, but thus far, no one company has been the first to pull the trigger on the idea. Acer might be trying to beat its competitors to the punch, as it apparently has a Chrome OS tablet on hand with it at BETT 2018 in London. Though this tablet hasn't received an official reveal, we're seeing the first image of it today.

That image comes by way of Alister Payne, who tweeted out an image of the tablet and alerted Chrome Unboxed to its existence. It appears that original tweet has since been deleted, but the good news is that that picture remains. The tablet seems to feature an eight or ten-inch display, and it's very clearly running Chrome OS.

That's pretty much where the details begin and end. There's no word on the internal specifications of this tablet, so we're being left in the dark in regards to the juiciest details. Still, seeing Chrome OS running on a tablet will be enough to get a lot of people excited, as it could mark the beginning of a rush of Chrome OS tablets from all sorts of manufacturers.

One thing Chrome Unboxed points out is that this tablet is presented with a companion stylus made by Staedtler. Payne's now-deleted tweet seems to suggest that this Acer tablet could be released with education in mind, which makes some degree of sense considering the fact that Acer had it on-hand at BETT, an educational technology show.

Ultimately, though, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding this device. The tablet we see in the image appears to be pretty far along in development, so hopefully an official announcement isn't too far off? We'll wait and see, but for now, head down to the comment section and let us know if you'd buy a Chrome OS tablet.