Acer Aspire AS1551-5448 Laptop Lands At Amazon

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If you are in the market for laptop that has a screen larger than the average netbook and is still priced in the netbook realm the Acer Aspire AS1551-5448 has landed at Amazon for purchase. The little notebook has an 11.6-inch screen and is powered by an AMD Athlon II Neo CPU.

The machine is available for $549.99 and that little screen supports HD resolution and is LED backlit for better battery life. The machine is about three pounds and is an inch thick. It features a memory card reader, three USB ports, and a 320GB HDD.

That HDD spins at 5400 RPM and the machine has 4GB of RAM. The Neo CPU inside the notebook runs at 1.5GHz and has dual cores. Graphics duties are handled by a Radeon HD 4225 GPU. The notebook measures 8.03" x 11.22" x 1.1" and the exact weight is 3.09 pounds.