Acer Air Monitor uses a 'breathing' LED light to monitor air quality

Acer has introduced its new Air Monitor, a device that does exactly what its name suggests: monitors the quality of air that is, in this case, located within one's home or other indoor space. The Air Monitor features what Acer describes as a 'breathing' LED light that helps owners monitor the quality of the air in their home at any given time.

The Acer Air Monitor is a square-shaped device that is designed to keep tabs on air quality rather than function as an air purifier. The design is made to be both simple and sleek, per Acer, and it offers real-time monitoring both visually via the LED light and on mobile devices using an app.

IFTTT integration also allows it to be used in conjunction with similar connected devices like an air purifier to turn it on when necessary. The LED's light uses different colors to indicate various things about the indoor air quality.

The Air Monitor is capable of monitoring many aspects of air quality, including the humidity and temperature, as well as finer details like the PM2.5 and PM10, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), and the level of carbon dioxide. The smartphone app makes this information available on your phone or tablet as long as you have an Internet connection.

Acer says pricing and availability will vary by region, but hasn't gone into details at this point.

SOURCE: BusinessWire