Acelabs S3 PMP

Every time I see the abbreviation for Personal Media Player I want to stick an "I" in there, anyways, this latest PMP from Acelabs is pretty bad ass. Its called the S3 and starts with a 2.8 inch QVGA screen that can show up to 260k colors.

On top of that there is an FM radio, voice recorder, and an FM transmitter, so no extra hardware required when you use it in your car, well, maybe a car charger. It'll work for 15 hours on sound alone or 4 hours for video playback.

Storage is handled via an SD card slot that can take up to a 4GB card. That is everything I know at this time, even I am kind of startled at the extreme lack of info on this seemingly impressive PMP.

Acelabs new DAP player the S3 [via gadgettastic]