Ace Combat 6 Special Edition to include flight stick

If you're really into your flight sim games and have a lot of spare cash lying around, you might want to check out Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation for the Xbox 360.

There is going to be a limited edition bundle shipping later this year that gets you not only the game, but also a two piece Hori flight stick and an Ace Combat 6 face plate. The flight stick looks pretty cool, I wouldn't mind using one.

The price is enough to make you spit out your Mountain Dew. You'll have to cough up $149, and the flight stick isn't even wireless. To quote a great movie "I could almost buy my own ship for that."

Just as a comparison, people are wondering if Rock Band will be too expensive at the possible price of $200. With Rock band you'd get a guitar (which is wireless), a drum kit and a microphone. With this you get a flight stick and a faceplate for $149. I'm wondering how many people are going to pony up that kind of cash for a single peripheral, at least with Rock band you can split the cost with your friends.

Ace Combat 6 Sticks The Landing [via kotaku]