Acceleglove offers complex motion detection for gaming

So, motion detection is becoming pretty big in the video game world these days. The Wiimote caught attention, then the Wii MotionPlus add-on and the accelerometer in the iPhone. But now there's the Acceleglove which combines aspects of all these things into one super gaming glove.

The problem with the Wii's take on motion control is it's very limited. You can make broad, general movements but nothing specific. The Acceleglove changes that by implementing accelerometers in the fingers of the glove so you can make complicated hand gestures that will be read by the system.

Developed by AthroTronix, the Acceleglove can only detect some hand motions at the moment like pinching and such. However, the potential is there for much greater achievements. And the open source SDK means we haven't seen the last of this gizmo yet. However, the $500 is rather "out there" for the time being. Check out the video of the glove in action below:

[via OhGizmo!]