ABI Research predicts 59 million WiMax subscribers by 2015

ABI Research has released new research material about WiMax over the coming five years. The company predicts that by 2015 the number of subscribers for WiMax will hit almost 59 million. That is an optimistic outlook considering that even Clearwire and Sprint are looking to LTE as well as WiMax.

The research points the finger at technological aspects as the reason the roll out of WiMax has been delayed so far. The shipment of WiMax base stations are expected to continue to grow, but as a slowing pace through 2015. ABI also talks about the leading companies supplying WiMax base stations.

The market leader is Lavation with Samsung in a close second spot. The third place spot is NSN and Huawei is in fourth place. One of the reasons that growth is expected to continue is that most of the vendors of WiMax base station are offering hardware that will work for both LTE and WiMax.