ABC's streaming service to offer older shows for free

ABC has relaunched a streaming service that takes a page from Crackle's book — it offers the network's older shows for free, as well as a handful of original series. The service is ad-supported rather than requiring a pay TV subscription or monthly payments, which is the case with FOX's new livestreaming service and the vast majority of VOD streaming options like Hulu. The content will be offered under "ABCd."

A total of seven original short series will be offered on the service, as well as 38 of the network's older shows. The older content will include shows like Felicity, School House Rock, My So-Called Life, Ugly Betty, and Sports Night. Viewers will see advertisements when watching this content, but unlike on Hulu, they won't have to pay for the privilege.

ABC plans to roll out more than 40 series that are being developed, but details on those are slight at this time. The seven new short series are as follows: "All My Gay Friends are Getting Married," "Boondoogle," "Forever 31," "Get Cookin," "I Can Find $3,000 in Your Home," "Newborn Moms," and "On The Record."

The older content will be provided in full, meaning streamers will have access to all of the episodes from every series. While most streaming services require some form of pay, even indirectly in the form of a pay TV service, Crackle has long been the black sheep that doesn't require anything of the sort. ABC's streaming service will be the same, not even requiring users to sign in with an account. The content will be accessible on the website and through the ABC app.

SOURCE: Variety