ABB Terra 360 EV charger delivers 100 kilometers of range in minutes

ABB has announced the launch of what it calls the world's fastest electric car charger. The charger is the Terra 360, and it has a modular design allowing it to charge up to four cars at the same time utilizing dynamic power distribution. The key feature of the EV charger is a promise that it can deliver 100 kilometers of driving range in less than three minutes.

The charger's ability to handle charging four vehicles simultaneously could significantly expand the charging infrastructure around the world. The charger has a maximum output of 360 kW and can fully charge an electric car in 15 minutes or less.

ABB says the charger will be available in Europe starting at the end of 2021. Terra 360 will come to the US, Latin America, and Asian-Pacific regions in 2022. The company designed the charger to handle the daily needs and expectations of EV drivers.

To help EV owners understand the charging process, Terra 360 shows the State of Charge for the vehicle battery and the time before the end of an optimal charging session. The chargers were also specifically designed with wheelchair accessibility and an ergonomic cable management system. One major goal in the design was to make it easy for drivers to plug in and charge quickly.

In addition to being installed in charging stations at commercial locations, Terra 360 will be installed at business locations where the small footprint of the charger allows them to be installed where space is short. Custom branding is also available, allowing those installing the charger to change the color of the LED light strips and add different foiling. In addition, a 27-inch screen is integrated, allowing businesses to advertise on the charger via images or video.