AA USB Concept Design Combines USB Drive and AA Battery

Combining devices, gadgets, or ideas into one useful object is something that more companies should try and implement. Of course, getting the idea out of the concept stage is tough, especially if you're a designer that hasn't been picked up by a huge company. For Wonchul Hwang, the concept design for the AA USB is something that many people would probably find some use in.

The AA USB, which as you might have guessed from the name is a combination of a AA battery and USB drive, is meant to function as a standard USB stick, but then be installed into a battery-powered device when necessary. When the device is plugged into your computer, it will recharge itself, while able to store your necessary data. Unplugging it, you'll be able to put it into a flashlight, radio, or other device that uses AA batteries, just like a "normal" battery.

Transitioning the device from a USB drive to the AA battery is as simple as a twist. There will be LED indicators on the side of the USB AA which will show how much energy is left in the small battery, letting you know how much energy is left. Anyone think this could be something they'd use every day?

[via Yanko Design]