A pool table that entertains everyone

I love to play pool. It's a very relaxing game that takes a great deal of skill to pull off some amazing shots. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as entertaining for those watching you, waiting for you to pick your shot. That's why one might consider this table that entertains even the spectators.

This pool table is more of an entertainment center than anything. It has an LCD TV, a stereo, flat-panel speakers, what looks to be a PS2 and even a small bar for your favorite drinks.

I can't imagine that with all of that going on around you that you could concentrate on your shots very well. But after a few drinks you won't be concentrating that well anyway. You'll need some deep pockets for this on, the price tag is a whopping $12,000.

Billiards Table with Built-in TV/DVD Entertains Even the Spectators! [via bornrich]