A New Concept for Rechargeable Batteries - USB

When my son was born, and his vibrating bouncy seat started eating through AA batteries like jelly beans, I bought rechargeable batteries. But I found them kind of a pain. They didn't always charge back up very well, and it took a long time to charge them. Therefore, the battery charger is now in a drawer, and while we still go through AAs like crazy for all those electronic toys, I just buy regular batteries. But if this concept design comes to light, I might just switch back. Continuance is a battery with a USB port right in the side.

As a bonus, and this might be the more popular feature, the batteries can provide a charge to USB-chargeable devices while on the go. Just plug your charger into the battery, then into the device, and get some extra power. The only drawback would be needing to charge them one by one, but I'm sure there is an easy solution to that. This is just a concept, but I'm encouraged to see them in actual packaging. Maybe it won't be too long before this concept is a reality.

The battery is an IF Concept Design entrant for 2011.

[via Yanko Design]