A Motorola tablet is coming, says Lenovo CEO

Did you own a Motorola Xyboard? the DROID tablets were among the early contenders for Android in the larger screen realm, and like most other Android tablets of the time, were fairly terrible. That was more an Android failure (this was pre Honeycomb, so Gingerbread. Gross.) than Motorola's, and based on pure hardware, the Xyboard wasn't so bad. It seems Moto's new home with Lenovo may bring them back to the tablet forefront, but will Motorola resurrect the Xyboard brand?

This tablet is believed to be a "dual branded" effort, which could mean Lenovo will simply rely on name familiarity around the globe. In the US, Motorola is well known, established, and desired in the mobile technology space.

Lenovo is none of those things stateside, but elsewhere in the world, those roles are reversed. Lenovo has the name recognition and reputation, so a cross-branded effort isn't a bad idea.

We're also fans of Lenovo tablets, but Motorola builds their own stellar hardware. The report doesn't note which company would actually design and produce this tablet, but either would suit us here at SlashGear just fine.

Really, this comes as no surprise. Lenovo's Motorola acquisition was always about finding an inroad to the US for the Chinese company, and Motorola is an established and respected brand. This news comes on the heels of HTC getting back into the tablet mix with the Nexus 9, too.

Whatever help both HTC and Motorola may have (Google and Lenovo, respectively), it's nice to see them come back to the tablet fold. As Samsung starts to slide off their throne a touch, it seems a lot of opportunity awaits those bold enough to step up and seize it.

Source: Yahoo (translated)

Via: Ubergizmo