A Handy Digital Audio Convertor from Tributaries Cable

The term analog audio cable is slowly fading away in the dominant world of digital domain. Lower signal degradation and convenience of multichannel and HBR audio signal in one cable solution is why digital audio cable favorably over the other. Ironically, analog audio is still being used with the lack of high-resolution audio formats in Hi-Def or SACD player. Back to the topic, I find that Japanese a/v components tends to prefer Optical solution as the sole digital audio choice where US and Canadian manufacturer picks coax or optical. You may find yourself in a situation that your a/v prepro or receiver doesn't have enough optical input or lacking the right digital audio connector for the source. Tributaties Cable has the solution for you. For a mere $50, the AC100 digital audio cross-converts digital audio signals between "Toslink" optical and coax-electrical SPDIF format. It comes with a 5V AC power and has a toggle switch to select the conversion direction. The convector can also be used as a repeater if one needs to extend the length of the cable.

TRIBUTARIES® Intros Digital-Audio Format-Fixer [ecoustics]