A Hacker's project reconnects our troops in the desert with the outside world again

First of all, I just wanted to clarify that hackers are not bad people, furthermore, they are generally not the perpetrators of malicious attacks. What they are, are highly skilled, well educated professionals who are masters of their craft that should be revered for their work, and receive some level of adoration for what they have done for the technology world as a whole, both the software and hardware portions.

Now that that's out of the way, a particular hacker carrying the nick of Deviant Ollam has started sending out hard drives, I assume in enclosures so they can be connected via USB, to our soldiers. The hard drives already have a lot of music and movies, and other media on them, and then the soldiers are supposed to get what they want off of it and then add their music, movies, and more and send it along.

The drives, and all the necessary cables, come in an olive green Pelican hard case to keep them safe from the harsh elements of that area of the world. Once again, this guy really is a genius, he hopes the project will pick up support and pace once it gets a website, but this is a great way for our troops to keep up on films and music so they aren't still watching some movie from 5 years ago over and over.

Hacker's project sends media-filled hard drives to troops [via engadget]