A day without Digg

2:00AM (EST) May 2nd , 2007 Digg was pronounced dead.

Ok, maybe dead is a bit too strong of a word, but after a long night of fighting with angered Diggers the site has finally crashed. It was only a matter of time, I'm surprised it lasted this long. Perhaps it will be up again later, but they've made a lot of people angry, and well, once you piss off the internet, it's hard to get back in its good graces.

Just imagine what will happen when people get up in the morning to have their cup of coffee and daily dose of Digg. It will send them into a panic, riots will break out into the street and the civilized world as we know it will come to a screeching halt.

There I go again. But seriously folks, this is going to have a wide-scale effect on how things are done on the internet. We here at Slashgear have already felt the first of those effects. We have Digg counters on all of our pages, so now our articles are slow to load because they can't connect to Digg. We're working on a solution to this because we don't want the problems going on at Digg to make our site more difficult to navigate.

But that's only the beginning, many reputable sites are going to feel this same effect and likely take down their Digg counters. With the regular Digg community upset, and the casual Digger's tool taken away, the site is certainly in for a rocky future.