A.B.C. Backpack rocks integrated battery, Bluetooth lock, and smart calendar

The days when a backpack was only meant for carrying your stuff are gone with the A.B.C. Backpack. The letters in the name of the bag stand for Anti-theft, Battery, and Calendar. While two of those make sense, having a calendar built into your bag is a strange feature. The Calendar feature is intended to help keep on the go types fitted with all the stuff that they need for whatever their day brings.

The calendar will keep track of all the things you need each day with interaction between the users smartphone and a sensor that keeps track of documents or homework. The anti-theft feature is able to secure the backpack to a chair or other stationary object to keep it safe if you leave the bag behind to make a phone call or a trip to the water cooler.

The Bluetooth lock will also keep the contents inside your bag safe. The integrated battery is aimed at helping you keep your laptop or smartphone charged on the go and it powers the Bluetooth lock as well. "Klifit began with an idea to create a network connection between a backpack and smartphones so that it can help us effectively manage our daily lives," said Klifit Founder and CEO Joseph Park. "Our concept is that the A.B.C Backpack both manages and securely protects the items to enhance the productivity. In short, people will know exactly what they're carrying so they don't have to fumble around to find an important item or forget to put it into their Klifit before they leave the house."

The A.B.C. Backpack is on Kickstarter right now and has raised over $21,000 with 43 days to go. The backpack will cost $159 or more if you get in on the Super Early Bird offering with shipping estimated for April 2017. Buyers can choose black or grey colors and add $30 for a 5,000 mAh battery pack.

SOURCE: Kickstarter