Today's Wordle Answer #437 - August 30, 2022 Solution And Hints

The Wordle game is about 10 months old at the time of writing, and it's frankly commendable that millions of people are still playing it. In these times when attention spans are short and novelty has almost ceased to exist, anything that holds mass attention for this long is truly spectacular.

But you might not be so enthusiastic about how great Wordle is if you're struggling with today's puzzle. We get it. There's quite a lot at stake, including a (hopefully) healthy streak and bragging rights among your friends. For that reason, we're here to save the day. Read on for hints and tips to help you unravel today's puzzle, and you can skip on down to the second section if you want to see the full answer upfront.

Today's word is a noun that features two vowels and no repeated letters. The first letter is "O" and the last letter is "T," and the word describes the beginning or commencement of something, especially an unpleasant event. The word also kind of rhymes with "concept," and there's the letter "S" in it somewhere. We don't want to make the answer too obvious for the sake of those who want to figure out the puzzle on their own, but if you don't mind the spoiler, look beneath the next image for the answer.

The answer is also an attack

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#437 – August 30, 2022) is onset. It is derived from combining the words "on" and "set," and in military terms, it describes an attack or assault, or the beginning of something undesirable like another one of Instagram's never-ending updates (via Merriam-Webster). That's why, in many instances of its most recent usage, the word is frequently used with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We solved the puzzle in four tries today, which brings an end to our three-attempt victory streak. WordleBot says it took most players an average of 3.8 tries to arrive at the answer, so we didn't do too bad. We started guessing with the word tried, which is a lesser-known option on WordleBot's list of recommended starter words. We followed up with steep and upset, at which point we had three green letters and it was pretty much a home run from there. We hope you solve yours in fewer tries!