Today's Wordle Answer #436 - August 29, 2022 Solution And Hints

Wordle remains as popular as ever, which is why it has spawned a bunch of similar games — ones you may want to check out if you get impatient waiting for the next day's puzzle to arrive. As for Wordle 436, the puzzle for August 29, 2022, the solution kicks off the week with a common word we've all heard and likely everyone has used at least once. The solution can serve as a noun and an adjective, plus there's a variation of it that functions as a popular adverb.

Put simply, the solution refers to the highest rank of something, though not necessarily in a serious context. Someone in a military unit may have the solution word as their title, but the same word is just as likely to be used in a sarcastic manner or as a silly nickname. Is it not ringing a bell? Here's a bigger hint: the word has two vowels and starts with the letter "C," which means you can probably guess which letter comes next.

You probably use this word most often as an adverb

Here's your final hint — the last letter of the word is "F." Think hard and you'll probably figure it out, as there's really only one word that stands for a top rank, starts with a "C," and ends with an "F." The solution is the word chief, something you've probably said more than a few times, whether in the form of chiefly or when jokingly quipping at your boss, "Okay, chief." According to Etymology Online, the word has been in use for hundreds of years and can also refer to something that is supreme or better than the rest.

It's worth noting that if you started the puzzle with the popular starting word crane, you would have gotten the first letter right away, leaving you with a handful of remaining guesses and high odds of success. Did you know picking the right starter word can make the difference between figuring out the solution or failing? We have the best starter words in our related guide, as well as some other key tips.