Today's Wordle Answer #395 - July 19, 2022 Solution And Hints

Another day, another Wordle puzzle. The solution for Wordle #395 on July 19 is a fairly easy one, as The New York Times has started off the week lightly, and the WordleBot has rated the answer at 3.7 out of 5 in terms of difficulty. That doesn't mean hints won't come in handy, though — after all, you're only ever six guesses away from a Wordle failure. So here we are to provide said hints and help you unravel the mystery of today's Wordle answer with a trail of breadcrumbs that will help you (hopefully) arrive at the answer on your own.

Today's Wordle only has one vowel, and it's the first letter of the word. Also, the solution is one of the most powerful emotions humans feel — the kind that one may sometimes need help managing. If that helps, congratulations, you've solved today's Wordle. If you're still not sure, here's another hint: this word is the default emotion of the birds in the popular game that was made into an animated movie. Are you still scratching your head? Read on for the answer.

The solution is an emotion

The solution for Wordle #395 is "angry." That's how we all felt the day the Wordle solution was caulk, and it's also the most prominent feeling upon receiving the wrong pizza delivery after waiting for half an hour. Here's a fun fact that could help you go from angry to mildly displeased the next time you're tempted to blow your top: the word angry has roots in Latin "angere," which means "to strangle" or "to choke" (via 

As always, the best way to solve a Wordle puzzle with the fewest number of guesses is to start with strategic words that help you whittle down your options quickly. We started with "crane" this time since WordleBot recommended doing so. We followed that up with "ouija," so that we could eliminate all five vowels in those two entries. From there, it was clear that "A" was the only vowel involved, and although we could have done without guessing "snarl," we figured that it had to be the first letter.

The rest fell into place from there since "R" and "N" had already been revealed. It took four guesses to arrive at the answer, which wasn't too far off from the 3.7 average the WordleBot declared for the day. Also, there weren't too many snide remarks from WordleBot about how much better it is at Wordle than us, so not too shabby overall. Until tomorrow, happy Wordling!