How To Stop Your Xbox Series X From Overheating

Xbox Series X is one of the most powerful gaming consoles out there. The next-gen gaming console can run all the demanding video game titles at 4K Ultra HD resolution without any hiccups, thanks to its very own AMD RDNA 2 graphics processing unit. However, just like any other device that contains sophisticated electric circuits, the Xbox Series X might overheat every once in a while.

A little heat can be expected if you've been spending inordinate amounts of time on the console, playing your most intense games without end. At the same time, if your console is overheating regularly, you should take it as a sign that something is wrong.

Your Xbox Series X contains several heat-dissipating mechanisms to maintain optimal levels of performance. For instance, the upper panel of Xbox Series X has a mesh-like structure with a large cooling fan underneath. The primary function of this cooling fan is to throw out the hot air that is in contact with the inner components of the console, maintaining ventilation to keep the temperature in control.

The console works with a large heat sink that saps heat from the console's motherboard, while a vapor chamber collects heat from the CPU and distributes it evenly. All the heat management components are aimed at ensuring that the Xbox Series X does not overheat, but sometimes, the console gets too warm. Fortunately, before this becomes an overheating issue, there are some things that you can do to fix it. 

Xbox Series X issues associated with overheating

The Xbox Series X's massive cooling fan is meant to be relatively silent. Under normal circumstances, the noise made by the cooling fan should not be unacceptably loud and bothersome. If the console is struggling to keep cool, and the fan starts working harder and generates more noise than usual, this may be an indication that something isn't working properly.

Performance issues are the second sign that something is wrong with your Series X console. Generally, the Series X is quick enough to load heavy games in seconds. However, if it is fighting some underlying problem causing the device to overheat, it's likely you'll also encounter unusually long loading times, frame drops, and other graphics-related issues (via StealthOptional).

If you're enjoying your favorite video game and your Xbox shows a message that says it is running too warm, you should not dismiss it out of hand. If a heating issue is particularly serious, your Xbox Series X can shut down without warning.

Xbox Series X overheating fixes

If your Xbox Series X is getting too warm after a prolonged gaming session or due to some unknown issue, turn it off. Ideally, you should move the console to a cooler environment, perhaps an air-conditioned room or a well-ventilated area, and leave it for a couple of hours. If that's not possible, let the console sit comfortably in the upright position for an hour so that the internal circuit boards and other components cool down. Meanwhile, check whether your Xbox's bottom, rear, and top panels are clean, as accumulated dust particles can clog the vents. If that is the case, you should clean them with a soft brush or a microfibre cloth.

Once your console is cool and clean, turn it on and observe the loading time, fan noise, and overall performance. If it seems that the overheating issue persists, you may enable energy-saving mode, just to see if it has any significant effect. If nothing seems to be working, your console may have a software issue. Your next step should be to try clearing the cache on your Xbox Series X

If clearing your cache doesn't work, you might need to resort to a full reset. To reset your Xbox and restore all the system values to their default settings, open Settings, then System, then Console Info, and select Reset Console. You can probably safely keep your games and apps using the option Reset and keep my games & apps, but you might need to initiate the most full reset: Reset and remove everything.

Preventive measures for an overheating Xbox Series X

First, you should clean the dust that settles on the vents regularly. Dust buildup hampers the movement of air in and out of your console, making the cooling mechanisms less effective. It is wise to clean your console every two months or so. Another important matter in the battle against heat is the choosing of a high-quality spot for your Xbox Series X to sit. Regardless of Microsoft's assurances that Xbox Series X was designed to be capable of running in either a vertical or horizontal position, the majority of the official marketing photos you may have seen of the console show it standing upright. 

In any case, an adjustment of the position of your Xbox could be valuable. While you're changing the position of your Xbox, you'll also want to ensure that nothing is covering the console's top and rear panels. There should be ample space around the console so that it can cycle cool air in and hot air out.Do not place your console on a soft surface like a rug or a carpet as the material restricts airflow. Always keep the device on a flat, clean surface, away from external heat sources such as a radiator. 

Lastly, give your Xbox some rest between prolonged gaming sessions. If you are a professional gamer or streamer, invest in a good quality vertical cooling stand for Xbox Series X, which will keep the temperature under control and allow the console to sustain peak performance levels as long as possible. And if you seek out a cooling accessory for your console, make sure you're not accidentally purchasing the Xbox mini fridge, because while it will keep your canned drinks cold, it won't help the heat in your Xbox Series X whatsoever.