Today's Wordle Answer #385 - July 9, 2022 Solution And Hints

Wordle #385 is going to bring us into the weekend with a rather odd word. Odd, because its antonym is far too common and frequently used in both formal and casual conversations, but the original isn't. That's definitely not a good starting place to embark on a puzzle-solving journey, but follow along for more hints to get an idea.

The archaic meaning for today's Wordle solution is "locality," or a place. In modern English, however, it marks a fancy way to describe a particular position or role that is occupied by someone, but due to their absence, another person must fill in temporarily. Another obsolete meaning for this word is to help someone or extend benefit. The answer to Wordle's June 9 edition starts with an "s" and has only two vowels, an "a" and an "e" positioned next to each other. There are no repeating letters either, and there's no semi-vowel to be seen either.

Tricky solution with a fascinating history

The solution is "stead," in case you couldn't wrap your head around the hints. As for the etymological roots of the word, "stead" traces its origins to the Old English term "stede," which means anything from position or place to standing or stability. The Proto-Germanic roots come from the word "stadi," "stad" in Swedish, "stede" in Dutch, "stat" in Old High German, and "stadt" in Modern German — all of which meant a town, or place.

Interestingly, it is a compound word with "sta" or "stan" in the beginning. It is a Persian term that refers to a place to a place with a special trait. For example, the land of Afghans became Afghanistan, the country of Hindu religion became Hindustan (or India), while modern Turkey was once known as Turkistan or the land of Turks (via Etymonline).

Regarding the ancestral side of things, the Stead family is said to have originated among the Anglo-Saxon tribes, and its first documented use is recorded in the Yorkshire region of England. Among the notable people using that surname is John Stead, who is known for his work as stunt director, performer, and coordinator on "Suicide Squad," "Assassin's Creed: Unity, RoboCop," "Pacific Rim," "Resident Evil: Retribution," "The Incredible Hulk," and "Outlander," among other well-known entertainment properties.