The Reason You Won't Be Playing A Red Dead Redemption Remaster Any Time Soon

"Red Dead Redemption" is one of Rockstar's most popular games; it gained widespread critical acclaim for its narrative, gameplay, and design. It was released in 2010 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 more than a decade ago, so it's certainly time for a remaster to appear and make a beautiful game even more impressive by today's standards. Fans of the series have been patiently waiting for such a release, but that still hasn't happened and the future outlook for the game doesn't seem too good.

A source revealed to Kotaku that, while Rockstar Games allegedly had plans for developing a "Red Dead Redemption" remaster and a remake of "Grand Theft Auto IV," that's no longer the case. Both remakes have reportedly been cast aside by Rockstar for now while it gives full attention to its newest game "Grand Theft Auto 6." This doesn't mean that the remaster will never happen, but it sounds like we probably won't see it before "GTA 6" arrives. 

Why Rockstar put a pause on a 'Red Dead Redemption' remaster

Besides going full-force on development for "GTA 6," there may be another reason Rockstar decided to put a hold on its planned remakes. Last year, the company released a "GTA" trilogy remaster, which included the games "GTA: III," "GTA: San Andreas," and "GTA: Vice City." This remaster collection, however, had a very poor reception among fans and critics alike. The updated artwork left much to be desired, and it was originally released in an essentially unplayable state with many bugs. 

In fact, people had such a strong dislike for the remasters that it became the victim of review bombing on Metacritic, as reported by Eurogamer, and currently sits at a user review score of 0.6/10 on the site. Because of this backlash, it makes sense Rockstar would feel wary about putting another set of remasters out there, especially when it's already working on a new game with high demand. As Rockstar has undoubtedly learned, it's better to be safe than sorry.