This AI-Powered Lyrics Generator Will Turn Anything Into A Song

AI lyric generators are web tools or apps that use keywords or phrases to create programmatically-generated sets of lyrics for songs. While it may sound novel, the truth is that the music industry has been incorporating iterations of this sort of technology for years. This includes everything from David Bowie using The Verbasizer to randomize combinations of words to more modern examples, like the annual AI Song Contest, where musicians from all over the world compete to see who can create the best AI-powered music.

There are AI music tools so powerful they're used by professional musicians and are massively expensive. At the same time, there are also simple tools like Keywords to Lyrics (also called keyword2lyrics), which allow the average person to use artificial intelligence to goof around with computer-generated lyrics with great ease — and for free. Keywords to Lyrics was developed by Argentinian data scientist and songwriter Mathi Gatti, a creator whose original goal was to assist fellow artists in their creative processes (via The Next Web).

What can this AI music tool do?

"Sometimes I have a few ideas that I want to turn into a song, but I'm too lazy for that, so I thought it would be cool to make a program that generates lyrics from isolated keywords or phrases," said Gatti.

Thus, Keywords to Lyrics was born. His website is free, but you can make donations or buy him a coffee on his website if you want. If you tried Gatti's website, you may notice a romantic, Justin Bieber-like quality of the songs generated. This is because his tool concentrates on creating lyrics in pop genres. He accomplished it by training AI language models with keywords from top artists' songs in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Now, users are able to input any combination of words into the tool, hit a button, and get a full set of lyrics for a song. Gatti also says that he wants to expand to other genres so users can choose the genre style they want their song to emulate in the future.