How To Use The Green Screen Effect On TikTok

TikTok has hundreds of tools and tricks for creators who want to make fun, one-of-a-kind videos. However, according to the social media company, one of the most-loved editing tools among its users is its green-screen effect (via TikTok). The company based its popular green screen filter on the green screens that are used in the movie industry. These green screens are, in fact, huge canvases used as replacement backdrops for various movie scenes. 

TikTok adapted the concept to create faux virtual backgrounds for its users. When you use a green screen in your video, you no longer have to be stuck in the confines of your room. You now can be anywhere – from cobbled streets in a far away town or underwater. Not only does the effect make your videos exciting and fun, but it also serves as a replacement backdrop just in case your space is not camera ready. 

You're not limited to using stock backgrounds from TikTok's collection either. You can drag photos and videos from your photo album as well as use GIFs or special memes to create custom videos for your audience. Here's how you can set up a green screen effect for your TikTok account.

How to use the green screen effect?

A cool aspect of TikTok's green screen effect is that users can use multiple photos and videos as their background in a single video as long it adheres to the 60-second time limit. Also, you can manipulate your image by stretching or shrinking it on your video. Here's how you can use a green screen filter on your videos:

  1. Open the TikTok app and press the + icon on the bottom of the screen.

  2. Next, press the Effects button on the left side of the recording (it's a big red circle) button.

  3. Slide past the New and Trending categories and tap on the Green Screen tab from the menu.

  4. Select the green screen feature you want to use for your video.

  5. Depending on the effect, you can upload a photo, video, or GIF to use as a background or you can select a virtual background from TikTok's library.

  6. Record your video as usual, and once you're done, follow the steps to post it like you would any other video.

What else can I do to make my videos stand out?

In addition to green screen backgrounds, TikTok has a suite of editing tools for creators to take their videos to the next level — even if they are just starting out. You can choose from hundreds of different lighting effects that can add warm or cool tones or visual enhancements that can improve exposure, low light, or colors if needed. You can do it for videos that are shot directly from TikTok or ones that are uploaded.  

Another way you can enhance your video is with filters. For example, you can infuse videos with bright colors or make certain objects appear extra glittery or shiny. Filters range from basic ones which add big eyes and freckles to your image to ones that can make you look like avatars or even turn you into caricatures like the Bride of Chucky. Additionally, if you want to make your videos sound different, you can also alter your voice to sound like a chipmunk, a cat, or a musical instrument. As well, users in select countries can upload higher-quality videos in 1080 HD.