Today's Wordle Answer #377 - July 1, 2022 Word Solution And Hints

The 377th edition of Wordle hurls a word that will throw puzzle enthusiasts into a tizzy unless they happen to be a hippophile or love playing with colors. The closest meaning of the solution word is a horse or pony with skin that is patchy, particularly white, against a contrasting background color. Spotted, piebald, or blotched are just some of the synonyms. When used as an adjective, the word can be used to describe an item flaunting a spotted exterior, especially one that is marked with patches of different colors. It also happens to be a surname, tracing its roots to Spanish and Jewish families from Italy dating back to the 13th century.

One of the most famous personalities carrying that surname is an Indian-origin actress who garnered acclaim for starring in an Academy Award-winning film directed by Danny Boyle. It's also the surname of a Spanish footballer who played as a goalkeeper for the legendary FC Barcelona club and collected 16 trophies during his illustrious career, including two Champions League medals. Here are some more breadcrumbs to help you crack today's Wordle code: there are two vowels in the word, an "i" in the second slot and an "o" at the end.

Quite a colorful solution

The solution for the July 1, 2022, edition of Wordle is pinto. It made its way to the English vocabulary from the Spanish word pinto, which refers to a subject that is spotted or mottled. Horses with a patchy coloration, especially those rocking white patches, are affectionately known as pinto.

The word traces its etymological roots to the Latin term pinctus, which is used to describe something that has been painted over. The pinto bean, which is a staple in Mexican, Spanish, and Brazilian cuisines, also gets its name from the patchy color profile of its outer skin. According to Ancestry data, Pinto is a popular Catalan name that eventually made its way to the Indian subcontinent with the advent of Portuguese invaders.

Interestingly, it is also used to describe a person with greying hair, something pop culture describes as a salt-and-pepper look. You can trace the history of Pinto family migration across the U.S. and Canada in the 19th century here. As for famous personalities with that surname, the actress described above is Freida Pinto, while the footballer in question is José Manuel Pinto. Meanwhile, Fernão Mendes Pinto was a renowned Portuguese explorer and writer who also has a crater on the planet Mercury named after him.