NERF's Take On Destiny's Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher Is Bonkers: Here's How You Can Get One

Whether you're a fan of "Destiny," NERF, or you just want to look super cool at your next costume party, you're going to love this. NERF, the company behind the iconic toy guns we've all loved as kids (and may still love to this day), teamed up with Bungie, the game studio behind "Destiny." The purpose of the collaboration was to create the fan-favorite Gjallarhorn rocket launcher so that the game's biggest fans would be able to try its powers in real life. Although it's still a toy gun, NERF added a plethora of fun little features to make this toy stand out from the rest of the range, but let's face it — it's definitely the size and the design that make this beast shine.

The Gjallarhorn is ginormous (over four feet long) and was made to match the weapon in the game at a 1:1 scale. Details were revealed in a joint interview with NERF and Bungie, who described the creation of the Gjallarhorn from when it was just a budding idea up until now when its release seems fairly imminent. 

Recreating the Gjallarhorn required a bit of sacrifice

The Gjallarhorn was made to let kids aged above 12 and adults alike have a good — and relatively safe — time. NERF enthusiasts often organize competitions, such as the NERF Challenge, and if the Gjallarhorn would be permitted in such a setting, it would probably be a force to be reckoned with. However, due to the size, it is still a bit unwieldy — especially if you're shopping for your child rather than for yourself. 

Gjallarhorn, lovingly referred to by fans as "Gjally," fires off "Wolfpack Rounds" in the video game, each of which split into multiple smaller darts when in flight. While nothing short of awesome, this would probably be a little tricky for NERF to replicate in a toy that's meant to be safe for children. However, the devs still took a spin on the Wolfpack Rounds by equipping the Gjallarhorn with three of NERF's large Mega Darts, which will leave the barrel simultaneously upon launch.

The coloring of the Gjallarhorn had to change, too. The in-game version is donned in black and gold, but the toy changes the color scheme a fair bit, making it resemble a NERF product rather than something made for an elaborate cosplay. Unlike the in-game Gjally on the box pictured above (which might not even be the final design of the box, which is also shown in all gold in the Bungie/NERF interview), the NERF version sports a mix of orange, white, and gray.

Equal parts exclusive and expensive

This week, Bungie lifted the veil on the pricing of the gun, and it's not cheap. Priced at $185, it costs heaps more than most NERF guns, but you're paying for something that's unique and likely won't be made again after this first batch sells out. The Gjallarhorn is being sold as part of the Early Access Bungie Rewards Pre-order program and the sales will start on July 7, 2022, on the official Bungie Store website.

Getting your hands on this expensive monstrosity won't be as easy as simply entering your card details. In order to gain early access, you'll have to obtain the Gjallarhorn rocket in your Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack game. You'll have to complete a series of tasks and obtain the rocket in your game to qualify for an early purchase. The early access pre-sale period runs through July 21, so if there are any Gjallarhorn units left to buy by that time, Bungie will sell the remaining models to anyone who will want to buy them. Seeing as the company didn't disclose how many NERF Gjallarhorn launchers were made, it's a good bet there won't be many — if any — left by the time general sales start.

Although no official shipping date had been shared as of yet, Bungie is soon set to open up pre-orders for the rocket launcher, but it's a very exclusive affair — so you'll have to be ready if you want to get your hands on it before it's all sold out.