How Much Will A Flying Car Cost?

Flying cars have always been a significant component of science fiction. The idea of a car that can leave the ground and fly like a plane for long durations once seemed impossible, but that's no longer the case. Flying cars have been around for a while — since 1917, to be exact — though the first only wasn't really able to fly in the way you'd imagine (via LA Times). These vehicles aren't mass produced and they remain as uncommon as they are unusual. Despite this, a handful of companies are leading the way in bringing personal aerial travel to the masses.

One of the many obstacles preventing flying cars from entering mass production is the general lack of regulation surrounding them. First, what qualifications would a person need to operate a flying car? Second, how would unfortunate car accidents impact the area below where they occurred? Besides this, how much would a flying car even cost to buy? The cost is crucial because it dictates how many people would even be able to have access to a flying car.

Cost of a flying car

There are many luxuries in the world — private jets, personal islands, and soon you'll be able to add flying cars to that list. Currently, some people own flying cars, but in the coming years, their availability will be greater than ever. However, flying vehicles won't be cheap by any means. As for how much you can expect a flying car to cost, the prices are all over the place. One example comes from a Swedish company called Jetson, which is fitting due to the popular show from the 1980s that featured flying cars. The company's model, the Jetson ONE, is referred to as a flying sports car, and the company plans to sell it for $92,000 (via Autoweek). However, this one isn't the best for long trips, nor the most inclusive of body size diversity, as the Jetson ONE provides 20-minute trips for passengers who weigh 210 pounds or less.

Another soon-to-be-mass-produced flying car comes from Xpeng, an EV maker in China. The company plans to begin mass-producing its vehicle by 2024, and it will retail for nearly $157,000. At the time of writing, this flying car has not been named (via Fortune). Of course, with technology this advanced, the prices only go up. There are many different flying cars planned to arrive shortly, and like traditional cars, their value depends on their abilities. You may be able to get one for less than $100,000, but it could also easily cost over $1 million to experience this type of air travel.