90,000 lumen LED flashlight could illuminate a baseball field

Sometimes you need to shed a little light on whatever you are doing, and other times you need to flood the entire area with light bright enough to cause a vampire to burst into flame. The latter is exactly what you can do with this DIY 1000W flashlight that makes 90,000 lumens of light.

The builder doesn't give all the details about how exactly he pulled off this illuminating feat. What he does tell us is that he used ten 100W LED light chips arranged in a row. To help manage the massive heat output that each of those 100W LEDs makes, he attached them all to a big heatsink with thermal grease.

Each one of the LED chips has its own driver that is attached directly to the heatsink with what appears to be safety wire. The drivers are used to accept the 10V power from the battery and bump that up to around 35V that the LEDs need to operate.

The yellowish glass lenses over each of the LEDs are used to make the beams of light created roughly 60-degrees. The heat output from this massive DIY flash light has to be incredible. The dual batteries attached to the massive flashlight give the works about ten minutes of use per charge. Check out the video below to see the flashlight in action.