8bitdo SN30 Pro controller gets Xbox One treatment for Project xCloud

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The SN30 Pro is perhaps 8bitdo's most popular controller design, and today, the company announced that it's getting something of an Xbox One makeover. Officially dubbed the "SN30 Pro for Xbox," what this controller lacks in title creativity it makes up for in functionality. First and foremost, it seems that this controller is being made primarily for Project xCloud users, because it comes with a gaming clip that can adjust between 49mm and 86mm to fit a range of smartphones.

The SN30 Pro for Xbox is compatible with all Android devices, whether those are smartphones or tablets, and it supports 8bitdo's Ultimate Software as well. Ultimate Software, as many 8bitdo users are probably already aware, allows users to change their button mapping, adjust stick sensitivity, change the ranges on their triggers, and even map macros to certain buttons.

The controller itself connects via Bluetooth and has a rechargeable battery that should be good for 18 hours of gameplay on a single charge. It looks a lot like the standard SN30 Pro, but of course, there are some new Xbox-themed additions, including a guide button in the center that's flanked by menu and view buttons. The controller has even been given an Xbox One coat of paint too.

In addition to announcing the SN30 Pro for Xbox today, 8bitdo also revealed a collection of mobile gaming clips for Xbox One controllers. These clips fit the standard Xbox One and Xbox One Elite controllers, along with "new unreleased Xbox controllers," which we take to mean the controllers for the Xbox Series X. Like the clip that comes with the SN30 Pro for Xbox, these clips can expand to fit phones from 49mm to 86mm.

Both the SN30 Pro for Xbox and the 8Bitdo Mobile Gaming Clips are available for pre-order from Amazon today, with the SN30 Pro for Xbox priced at $44.99 and the Mobile Gaming Clips priced at $14.99. Both products will begin shipping out on September 21st.