Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary Broadcast: When To Watch

"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" impressed gamers and critics alike when it was released in April 2020, and since then, fans have rightfully been chomping at the bit for any new information about a follow-up. It's likely that those new details will be revealed soon since the "Final Fantasy 7" 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast has officially been announced for next week.

Up until now, we haven't heard a peep of new information about the upcoming sequel, besides teasers that more info would be coming at some point in June. That said, the hype has been steadily building since July 2020, when a Twitter user named Audrey translated a Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura wherein he confirmed that a second release would be coming eventually. 

"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" has, up to this point, vastly expanded upon the length and breadth of the original's source material, turning some of the original's locations into fully fleshed-out explorable worlds. Fans have been waiting years at this point for more details about a follow-up to the original "Final Fantasy 7 Remake," but so far, Square Enix has remained tight-lipped. That could all change during this 25th anniversary livestream next week.

How to watch the Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast

The official "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" Twitter account announced this event on June 10, saying, "Join us next week for around 10 minutes to celebrate 25 years of @FinalFantasyVII. Co-stream the broadcast and share your reactions with #FFVII25th. Please be excited."

In a subsequent tweet, the brand account quoted Square Enix Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura, who said that the company had "packed in lots of new information" despite the short runtime. 10 minutes is probably long enough to include at least a teaser trailer for the new installment, in addition to whichever other festivities the team has planned to celebrate "Final Fantasy 7" and its history.

While Square Enix hasn't confirmed that it will reveal new details about the sequel to "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" during this event, we're certainly hopeful. The "Final Fantasy 7" 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast will be livestreaming on both YouTube and Twitch at 6 p.m. EST on June 16. It sounds like it's going to be a big deal, so make sure to bring your Chocobo hats and Mog outfits.