How To Fix Hulu Not Streaming In 4K

With so many streaming services in the market, it has become a battle of not just providing a service and producing quality content, but also of improving the overall viewing experience. With other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime offering high-quality streaming, it's no wonder Hulu is following in their footsteps.

In 2019, Hulu brought back its 4k content for free to its existing subscribers. A step up from high definition (HD) resolution, 4k is composed of over 4000 pixels and is also referred to as Ultra High Definition (UHD). While 4k doesn't necessarily mean better quality viewing, it can offer a significantly better viewing experience when the conditions are optimal. 

However, some users have reported issues with Hulu not streaming in 4K at home. If Hulu is not streaming in 4K for you, there are plenty of potential reasons behind it. From hardware to network issues, here are some of the common reasons why Hulu is not streaming in 4k and how to fix each one.

Check if your device is 4K-compatible

While many devices do support 4k, not all are capable of doing so. For this reason, it's best to check for the specific model of the device you are attempting to stream on.

According to Hulu, its 4K Ultra HD programming is available on the following devices: Apple TV (5th generation onward), Chromecast Ultra, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, LG TVs (2017 UHD models onwards), Roku, Vizio SmartCast TVs, and Xbox One (S and X models).

Although mobile phones and tablets do not have the option to stream in 4k, it's unlikely that this will affect your viewing experience significantly due to its size. With time, it's likely that more devices will also be added to this list as technology improves. Unfortunately, if your device is not 4k-compatible, the only way for you to watch Hulu in 4k Ultra HD is by replacing it entirely.

Test Your Internet Connection

When it comes to streaming in 4k, both your internet speed and stability matters. In general, Hulu recommends its users have a speed of at least 16 Mbps when streaming in 4k. In addition, it's also important for your connection to remain consistent in order to prevent drops in quality while streaming.

Thankfully, there are plenty of speed testers available online. For example, Ookla can specifically check for your network's 4k streaming capabilities. While testing your internet speed, it's important to stay as close as possible to the device you are trying to stream 4k on and close any programs which can impact the testing. 

If you find that your internet speed falls short of Hulu's requirements for streaming in 4k, you can try to disconnect other devices on your network or close programs which are internet-intensive to help improve it. Alternatively, you can also upgrade your internet connection to a faster one which can handle your 4k viewing.

Confirm if the content is available in 4k

While Hulu doesn't charge extra to view movies or TV shows in 4k, it does have a limited library of available content. Depending on the device, Hulu has limitations for streaming quality due to its various contracts and policies. However, these restrictions often don't apply to Hulu's original content. For this reason, most Hulu Originals are available for 4k streaming on compatible devices.

To know if a TV show or movie is 4k-compatible on Hulu, look for the 4k badge that appears on the show's page. Although, the available library of 4k content on Hulu may also fluctuate based on its negotiations with other companies and the addition of new original content.

Unfortunately, if none of these issues is applicable to you, and you still struggle with viewing your content in 4k, you may want to get in contact with Hulu's customer support. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy watching Hulu in lower resolutions.