Apple Classical Leaked - Here's Why You Should Care

It seems that Apple's new classical music venture might finally be "coming soon." Signs of a new app dedicated specifically to classical music have been found in the beta version of iOS 15.5. The mysterious app, if it comes into being, will be the successor to Primephonic, which is a classical music service that Apple purchased last year. Considering that Primephonic was shut down not long after Apple bought it, seeing the new Apple Classical app might be a relief to those who used the previous service frequently.

According to MacRumors, Apple Classical will be added as part of Apple Music and will be launched as a standalone app. Apple has pretty much confirmed this in 2021 by saying it plans to release a new app dedicated to this kind of music, allowing users to listen to their favorite classics. Classical music, compared to mainstream music services, is still underrepresented by the most popular apps, so it's possible that Apple's new release will find a host of subscribers — especially the Primephonic users that had the app taken away from them with no replacement in 2021.

Primephonic was taken down shortly after Apple purchased it, and since September 7, 2021, no replacement has been offered. However, existing Primephonic subscribers were given six months of Apple Music for free to make up for the loss. What can we expect from the new app?

It's about time for Primephonic to come back

Apple promised that the new app that will replace Primephonic would provide users with a much more pleasant listening experience. As per MacRumors, the app was said to combine Primephonic's user interface and insight into classical music with Apple Music, which brings features like lossless audio and spatial audio. On the other hand, Apple may have wanted to make some changes to the way the app looks and works, considering that it was searching for a user experience designer for this task just last year.

Of course, Apple Music brings a number of other benefits too, such as being able to download your favorite songs and control the app by voice, as well as access to over 90 million songs. Apple Music costs $9.99/month, which is a $2 step up from Primephonic, but it's most likely worth it given the size of the catalog.

Considering how long it's been since Primephonic was taken down, it's high time Apple introduces its replacement. We might hear more about Apple Classical soon enough, perhaps at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June.