Samsung Rumored To Be Working On A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Edition

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It seems that Samsung may be looking to add a brand-new smartwatch to its lineup. According to anonymous sources speaking with SamMobile, a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro might be the new ace up Samsung's sleeve. The device will allegedly offer a massive battery, bringing an up to 60% increase over its predecessor, and would represent a major change in the way Samsung releases new smart wearables each year. Where in past years the Galaxy Watch has only been released with limited variants, a Pro model would suggest the company is ready to expand beyond the basics.

The 5th iteration of the smartwatch is still yet to be released, but sources such as Tom's Guide point to it being launched around August 2022. Whether that checks out or not, the news about a possible third version is interesting. Galaxy Watch 4, which is the current generation of the device, only came in two variants: the basic Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Between the two, there was a total of eight Samsung watches hitting the market, since they came in varying sizes and with options for Bluetooth and 4G connectivity.

Adding a third iteration of the watch could open the door to a more premium product. Available iterations of the Galaxy Watch 4 already spawned a wide range of price options, ranging from around $249.99 all the way to $399.99 at launch. If the third model is released, and if it does arrive with a "Pro" tag, it's likely to bring some high-end features combined with a bump in price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could bring enormous battery life

SamMobile's sources suggest the mysterious smartwatch already has its own model number: SM-R925. The main, if not only, piece of gossip regarding the device points to a battery with a surprisingly large charge capacity. The Pro version of the device is rumored to have a 572 mAh battery, significantly larger than the otherwise biggest capacity of a battery in a Samsung Galaxy Watch at what Samsung says is 361 mAh for the 44 mm Galaxy Watch 4. This 572 mAh battery can be confirmed to exist independent of the watch, as Samsung obtained certification for it in Korea — time will tell if it actually makes its way to Samsung's next wearable.

A battery of such size would be bound to increase a user's time between required charges considerably. Considering that the Pro version would also be likely to receive some additional bells and whistles that remain unknown as of now, that extra capacity could be put to good use. We know very little about the Galaxy Watch 5 at the moment, but if we're allowed to speculate based on earlier leaks of data from registrations of patents by Samsung with the USPTO, we can't help but wish that the long-awaited but highly unlikely solar-powered watch strap might make its real product debut. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.