Bluetti's Off-Grid Clean Power Solutions Get Big Easter Discounts

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If you're planning to head out to the hiking trail, campground, RV park, or other outdoor destination this Easter holiday, you'll likely need an off-grid power solution to keep your phone, smartwatch, and other gadgets charged. That's where Bluetti, a company that has made a name for itself in the clean energy storage market, and its assortment of portable power products come in. The brand has an extensive list of clean energy gadgets in its catalog, including everything from the PV350 solar panel to its portable-but-powerful EP500 and EP500 Pro backup power stations.

Bluetti has announced some big discounts for Easter, offering consumers a great opportunity to get their own portable power solution without breaking the bank. Some of the company's most popular offerings are currently discounted by up to several hundred dollars, depending on which model or bundle you buy. The promotion will run from April 7 at 7 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. EDT through April 18 at the same time. What can you get during the Easter Sale?

Clean energy power storage for the home

The reality is that even if you're not heading out to the trails this Easter, electricity has become a vital part of our lives — so much so that when the power goes out, life seemingly screeches to a halt. Solar panels and backup batteries, including full, mobile power stations, help ensure the lights stay on and phones remain functional even if a storm or unexpected outage makes the main electrical grid unavailable for a time. 

Bluetti's new promotion covers many of the products you may need to stay powered up, including power stations and expansion batteries that can be used to outfit your home with clean energy and backup power. Consumers willing to invest in a green power solution can, for example, grab Bluetti's EP500Pro home power station for $4,999 during the promotional period — a significant discount over its regular $5,999 price tag. The station is capable of powering multiple items simultaneously, boasting more than 6,000 charge cycles alongside smart features like app-upgradeable firmware and built-in touchscreen controls.

The similarly portable EP500 all-in-one power station is also discounted with a current price of $4,399 versus its regular $4,599 rate. You can, of course, buy Bluetti's compatible PV350 solar panel separately at its currently discounted rate of $739 (compared to its regular price of $769), but two of the same panels are offered as part of the company's EP500 and EP500Pro bundles temporarily discounted to $5,789 and $6,399, respectively. This shaves a few hundred dollars off their price tags, making them a more economical choice for those who plan to fully embrace clean energy solutions.

Taking portable power on your next adventure

While a larger power station is great for the home, sometimes you need something you can pack in the car and take on an adventure. That's where Bluetti's EB55 and EB70 come in, among other products, offering a variety of outputs, ample battery power, and flexible charging options in a single, relatively small device.

The Bluetti EB55 power station, for example, packs a 537Wh battery capacity and 700-watt inverter with support for powering up to 13 devices at the same time. In addition to its light weight and built-in carrying handle, the power station can be recharged using whatever is most convenient at that particular moment: an AC outlet, car, generator, or solar panel. 

The EB70S model is similar, but boosts the numbers with a 716Wh capacity and 800-watt inverter, not to mention the four AC outputs, USB-C and USB-A ports, and even a built-in LED lamp. Consumers looking for a bit more oomph, meanwhile, can instead consider the company's AC200MAX with a massive 16 outputs and support for recharging in seven different ways for what can, at the extreme end, result in fully recharging the power station in two hours. The promotion includes this power station bundled with two solar panels for $3,099, a discount of around $500.

Sound exciting? Head over to Bluetti's website to check out its Easter Sale and full product catalog before the discounts disappear!