This Nest Hub Boot Loop Bug Has A Simple Fix

Google introduced a new user interface update for its Nest Hub smart screen devices in late March 2022. While some users were able to download the update without issue, others soon found themselves dealing with a pesky boot loop bug that left their devices constantly trying to boot up.

The new UI update started rolling out on March 28, 2022. The next morning, many users reported waking up with changes to the smart display's Home Control tab, which can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen. With the latest firmware installed, the Home Control tab now appears more similar to the Home View interface that Google originally used with the Google Home Hub when it launched in 2018, according to 9to5Google.

The changes aren't extremely substantial, so it shouldn't take users long to get used to them. What might take some getting used to, though, is dealing with the annoying bug that leaves your Google Nest Hub stuck in a boot loop for seemingly no reason.

How to fix the Nest Hub boot loop bug

The boot loop error is definitely a sizeable bug to run into, especially when downloading an update that leaves your device stuck trying to load. Luckily for Nest Hub users, fixing the error is actually very simple.

As pointed out by users on Reddit, all you need to do to fix the boot loop error and get your Nest Hub working again is unplug the smart screen, then give it a few minutes — some people recommended leaving it unplugged for upwards of 30 minutes so that it can completely reset. After a little time has passed, plug the Nest Hub back in and it should reboot without any issues at all.

Your device shouldn't run into any lasting problems, either, and it's likely Google will patch this issue with a future update. To make sure you've installed the newest update, you can check your firmware version by tapping "Settings" > "About device" on the smart screen. If you're running Chromecast firmware version 1.56.290464 or software version, then your Nest Hub is updated.