Stardew Valley Fan Made The Best Fishing Guide For New Players

If you're one of the many people only just discovering hit casual farming game Stardew Valley, you've probably already realized that you need to use the game's Wiki if you hope to start figuring out the deceptively complex gameplay and uncover its secrets. Here to simplify things is a new fan-made fishing guide unlike any other.

Stardew Valley is a bit like Minecraft is in the sense that you can farm, fish, and mine resources as you build up your own personal property. The fishing aspect of the game is a bit more complex, however — in addition to struggling to get the fish out of the water, you have to know when and where to look for the particular type of fish you want.

This becomes more important as you attempt to fix up the Community Center — which requires depositing various types of fish — and when you unlock new crafting recipes. There's a game Wiki that contains much of the information you need, but it's not quite simple enough to scan through quickly for the information you need.

Here to help is a new fan-made guide from Redditor Spacey_MC who shared the image on the Stardew Valley subreddit. The guide features every type of fish in the game, including things like the octopus and eel, as well as all of their related data.