80GB PS3 - A price cut in the future?

With the 60GB PS3 dying off, analysts have begun to speculate what will happen to that $499 price point. Will Sony drop the price of the 80GB to fill the void, or will they just forget about it?

Is is likely that Sony will drop the price? I seriously doubt it. Their sales are (slightly) up right now, so why not just let the cheap-o model sell out and then go back to making even more money? The problem with that plan is that sales have been doing better because of the price drop.

I'm just curious how the price difference between a 60GB hard drive and an 80GB hard drive can warrant a $100 difference. I guess they think that throwing in a copy of MotorStorm makes it all better. You're not fooling anyone Sony.

Analyst Predicts Sony to Cut Price of 80GB PS3  [via dailytech]