Ticketmaster And NFL Team To Offer Commemorative NFTs With Game Tickets

The National Football League (NFL) is the latest major entity to get in on NFT promotions. In partnership with Ticketmaster, football fans can redeem NFTs with their game tickets, though the collectible non-fungible tokens are only available with tickets for certain NFL games. Among other things, customers must attend the game before getting the NFT.

Ticketmaster detailed the new NFT initiative today; ticket buyers get an NFL Virtual Commemorative Ticket in non-fungible token form with their regular game ticket. The company says these NFTs are offered "as a token of appreciation for attending the game."

Football fans must take some steps to redeem the NFTs, including scanning into the NFL game with a Ticketmaster Safetix ticket purchased under one's own account. The customer can only redeem one NFT commemorative ticket for each eligible game even if more than one game ticket is bought.

Keep in mind that only the person who buys the eligible ticket can get the NFT — anyone who has a ticket transferred to them will be ineligible to get the token. As well, the ticket must be scanned at the game to show that the customer attended before the NFT is unlocked.

Once these steps are taken and assuming the ticket is eligible, the customer will receive an email from the NFL that includes a link to log in to the Ticketmaster account and view the NFT. Account holders have the option of sharing their NFTs on social media or gifting them to someone else using a "Give" button.

The NFTs are stored in a Virtual Ticket Collection associated with the customer's Ticketmaster account; this is essentially the wallet where the user's NFTs are stored. NFL fans interested in scoring these NFT commemorative tickets can find all of the details on acquiring them via Ticketmaster.